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Multilingual Web & Apps

The creation of a compelling website requires special talents and skills. Our web designers combine artistic ability with technical knowledge and writing skills to create websites that attract new and repeat visitors.

Our web design services include:

  • Site planning, design, and development
  • Content development and creation
  • Graphic design
  • Promotion
  • Web hosting solutions
  • Electronic commerce solutions
  • Website localization

Why itlocal?

We understand that, beyond graphics, a website needs interesting content and a strong message. We can assist you in developing original content or editing the existing copy.

We can help you to select meta tags and keywords to make your site “search-engine friendly”.

We use cascading style sheets and other style elements to improve consistency and reduce maintenance costs.

We offer Active X, Java and Java Script, Perl, custom CGI and Multimedia, etc.

In addition to translation and localization, we offer production services, including DTP and graphic localization. Our DTP teams can handle a large number of publishing formats (FrameMaker, PageMaker, InDesign, Adobe Photoshop and more) and platforms (PC and Mac). They are experts in the generation of final copy or camera-ready deliverables.

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Formatting of content/text
  • Layout design
  • Inbound links
  • Template design/optimization
  • File/graphic conversion
  • Graphic adaptation
  • Localization/translation readiness check
  • Font technology consulting
  • XML publishing

Using state-of-the art translation tools, itlocal is able to deconstruct files to separate text from code. Experienced translators work with text only. Translated text is then submitted to our stringent quality assurance process. Finally, the file is reconstructed to match exactly the format of the original file.


Language engineering refers to how information is handled, at the beginning of the project and then through the later stages requiring sharing and maintenance of the content. We focus on those services that allow you to create and update information in several languages.

Translation and localization are the essential factors to consider in this process. Our expert linguists will provide translations that are accurate, consistent, and adequate for the target audience. For global content, multilingual versions may be needed or content maintained separately for various locales.

Multilingual content helps to bridge the gap between the provider and end user. It allows the provider to focus more on the end user’s needs and less on the language they speak.

itlocal‘s team localizes audio, video, and other graphics to engage further with your audiences on a global level, because we understand that multimedia content helps you inform, educate, and connect with your clients.

We are prepared to handle a wide range of multimedia files. Our multimedia localization specialists will analyze your files, determine word counts and consult with you, in order to provide a best-fit solution to localize your multimedia translation project. When looking for a multimedia localization provider, you want one that is responsive, communicative and able to manage all the details of your project. We have all these qualities and more!

We can manage various multimedia files formats and we are proficient with all the tools and processes needed for not only translating your content, but engineering it into a final packaged product.

itlocal gives you the opportunity to relax and decide for yourself how involved with the multimedia localization project you want to be.

itlocal is an SDL LSP Premier Partner and uses state-of-the-art software localization tools. We are able to deconstruct files to separate text from code. Experienced translators work with text only. Translated text is then submitted to our stringent quality assurance process.

Finally, the file is reconstructed to match exactly the format of the original file by following a specific procedure:

  • Extract plain text from the source file
  • Edit the text and recreate formatting manually
  • Proceed with normal translation workflow

The File Reconstruction process plays a role in increasing the efficiency of the translation process by allowing productivity-enhancing tools such as translation memories, term bases, and machine translation to be used.

A great advantage is that OCR enables advanced analysis of a source file against a translation memory, allowing to detect internal repetitions which results in significant discounts.

Software localization is the process of translating the text and adjusting the functional elements of a software app so it can be used by consumers internationally.

At itlocal we offer the best methodology and the most advanced localization technologies to ensure that your software is ready for the global market.

Software and App Testing

When the user interface elements are translated, the next step in the localization process is to test the software for language accuracy and functionality. itlocal has native speakers who test the linguistic accuracy in order to make sure that the language reads properly and is true to the intent.

Cosmetic testing is performed to identify any issues that might be encountered in terms of the application’s visuals or layout.

Functionality testing is performed to confirm that the target language product displays and behaves just as the source language does in the original application.

Software apps are part of our daily lives, so even the smallest mistake can have a large impact on the product used.

For those interested in the traditional approach, contact us for a free consultation.