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The e-commerce industry witnessed immense growth in recent years. The success of businesses such as Amazon and the sudden increase in online sales has led to the emergence of countless companies that sell their products on the internet.

One of the main challenge for companies is entering new markets. Most customers prefer to shop in their native language and the top 10 languages spoken in the world are equivalent to approximately 2.5 billion online users. That’s why choosing the right languages for your e-commerce website can make a difference.

By using our e-commerce translation and localization services you will be able to speak your customers’ language and establish a closer relationship with them.

We’ll make sure your e-commerce translation is accurate, idiomatic and culturally sensitive.

Our e-commerce translations enable you to

  • Reach and engage a global audience;

  • Have one port of call for all your e-commerce translation needs (user reviews, product descriptions, website content, customer communications, apps) and streamline the translation process;

  • Cut down your translation costs with the help of our translation technology.

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