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Desktop Publishing

Our DTP teams can handle a large number of publishing formats (FrameMaker, PageMaker, InDesign, Adobe Photoshop and more) and platforms (PC and Mac).

They are experts in generating final copy or camera-ready deliverables. 

Using state of the art translation tools, itlocal is able to deconstruct files in order to separate text from code. Our experienced translators work with text only. The translated text is then submitted to our stringent Quality Assurance process, and finally we reconstruct the file to match exactly the format of the original file.

The File Reconstruction process plays a key role in increasing the efficiency of the complex file translation process by allowing the use of  productivity-enhancing tools such as Translation Memories, term bases, and machine translation.

A great advantage is that Optical Character Recognition (OCR) enables an advanced analysis of a source file against a Translation Memory, allowing us to detect internal repetitions that result in significant discounts. OCR is employed in storing the contents of books and documents without the need of retyping or re-keying.

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