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Software Project Sample


  • Client’s Industry:  Marketing and CRM Software Solutions

  • Type of Product: Integrated CRM Platform

  • Type of Project: Localization, Translation and Linguistic Testing

  • Languages involved: Hebrew, Italian, Romanian, Bulgarian

  • Time Frame: ongoing – constant updates



The beginning of 2019 saw us engaging in a collaboration with an important emerging player in the online marketing industry. 

We boarded an ongoing software translation and localization  and started off by localizing new parts of their integrated CRM platform and performing linguistic testing for existing platforms for Hebrew (an especially challenging task involving a  right to left language). 

As there was a lot to be improved in a short period of time, constant communication was paramount. We provided our linguists with the necessary tools to properly test the platform, while they offered real time feedback to the client in order for him to make the necessary changes. 

The project was a success and we were consequently tasked with translating updates for Italian, Romanian and Bulgarian versions of the application and complementary website. 

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Video Game Blogger

Entertainment Project Sample


  • Client’s Industry: Entertainment and Media Streaming 

  • Type of Project: metadata, user interface, messaging, PR, customer support and marketing translations, Jira content, title localization

  • Languages involved: English into Romanian

  • Time Frame: ongoing, daily deliverables, same day turnaround for some tasks



One of our most important clients uses our media translations and localization services for their media streaming content on a regular basis.

The localization and translation projects for the Romanian market range from metadata and user interfaces to customer support content, messaging, PR and marketing translations.
In order to be able to provide full time support and daily deliverables, itlocal has assembled a team of translators and assigned a dedicated Project Manager to this project. All selected  linguists specialize in media and entertainment. 

We also provide this client with our virtual staffing service. Thus, the dedicated Project Manager also acts as Language Lead for the whole team of Romanian translators, which is made up of itlocal specialists and freelancers.

This dedicated approach resulted in increased client satisfaction –  our team scores an average monthly approval percentage of 99,8%. After a 3 years collaboration, we are proud that our services contribute directly to increasing the market share and customer base of our end client, and that millions of people enjoy a perfectly localized product.

Technical Project Sample


  • Client’s Industry: Maritime and transport 

  • Type of Product: Post-evaluation studies, Tender books, Environmental permits

  • Type of Project: Translation and DTP services

  • Languages involved: English into Romanian and French

  • Time Frame: 7 business days



Our company recently completed the translation of post-evaluation studies, tender books and environmental permits for one of the leading maritime companies in the Netherlands. Our client required technical translations ahead of an auction where they were looking to  win new contracts.

We took on the project that included the technical translation of around 6000 words, from English to Romanian and French, along with DTP formatting of the final document and proofreading of all completed materials.

In order to meet our client’s deadline – 7 business days - itlocal assigned a team of translators with expertise in technical and environment studies and manuals. Additionally, a Quality Assurance specialist, a proofreader, a dedicated Project Manager and  our DTP department ensured the target files were flawless and on time.

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Stock Market Graph

Marketing Project Sample


  • Client’s Industry: Advertising and Marketing

  • Type of Product: Advertising and presentation catalogs for a car company

  • Type of Project: Translation and Transcreation, Content writing

  • Languages involved: English into Romanian

  • Time Frame: 14 business days

  • Volume: 100,000+ words



itlocal completes many marketing translations and transcreation projects for international companies from the advertising industry and international marketing services providers.

One of the most interesting marketing translations projects we worked on involved multiple presentation manuals for new car models that were going to be launched on the Romanian market. The project consisted of translations of over 100,000 words into Romanian, plus review and Quality Assurance checks.

The main challenge was the tight deadline, but also the need for linguists with both technical and marketing/creative skills. It was always essential to choose translators who had vast experience in dealing with similar marketing materials. .

itlocal put together a team of skilled  translators with background in marketing and advertising. Thanks to them, and with the help of Translation Memory tools and automotive glossaries, we managed to complete the project in 14 days without compromising the quality. 

Automotive Project Sample


  • Client’s Industry: Automotive

  • Type of Product: Operating manuals for airport towing tractors and complementary materials

  • Type of Project: Automotive translations with DTP services

  • Languages involved: English into Polish and Hungarian

  • Time Frame: 20 business days



One of our many automotive industry clients is a top producer of ground support equipment who contacted us for a large volume translation project – around 30,000 words – including manuals and marketing materials. 

We assembled a team of automotive translations experts to manage the translation, review and quality assurance process. We recruited translators and editors with specific technical expertise and the necessary creative abilities to deliver a professionally localized target file, suitable for the client’s target countries.

Constant communication was essential for this project, as the client requested samples to be submitted periodically for 3rd party reviews. Constant updates were made in order to ensure the target file is consistent with the client’s expectations.

The client made sure to send us the files compatible with Trados and our translation memory tools, which allowed us to speed up the translation process.  

The project delivery was a success and the client appreciated our thoroughness and transparent communication style.

Car Dealer
Financial Analyst

Financial Project Sample


  • Client’s Industry: Maritime and transport

  • Type of Product: Financial reports

  • Type of Project: Translation with review and QA

  • Languages Involved: English into Traditional Chinese

  • Time Frame: 25 working days



itlocal was contacted by a client to help translate their financial reports for 2017 from English into Traditional Chinese. The client needed our company to sign an NDA, since this was a sensitive project; we were happy to, and we also ensured our linguists did the same.

Our client required financial translation with review and quality assurance checks, along with translation samples that would be shared with a third-party reviewer as well. 

Our translators team, a reviewer and a QA specialist, managed to complete and thoroughly check the +65K word assignment in less than 25 working days. In an effort to cut unnecessary costs, we created a dedicated Translation Memory which helped us to cut down the final cost by 20%.

Needless to say the client was happy with this outcome  and itlocal was consequently contracted for more financial translation projects.

Legal Project Sample


  • Client’s Industry: Law

  • Type of Product: Legal documentation

  • Type of Project: Sworn translation

  • Languages involved: Romanian into French

  • Time Frame: 4 business days

  • Volume: 10,000 words



itlocal has vast experience in completing legal translation projects for international clients from the legal sector. 

One of our oldest clients chose itlocal to carry out a complex and time sensitive legal translation project into French: 31 pages of legal documentation. The client requested us to work only with authorized translators and we had to complete the project in under 4 working days.

Time was of the essence because the project had to be delivered in physical format — signed and stamped by our in-house linguists. Our experience in handling complex rush jobs helped us deliver on time and our client was highly appreciative by the speed and quality
of our services.

Asian lawyers discussing on legal case with document contract
Examining X-ray

Medical Project Sample


  • Client’s Industry: Life sciences

  • Type of Product: Letters of authorization, patents, consent forms

  • Type of Project: Medical, pharmaceutical and legal translation with DTP services

  • Languages involved: English into Simplified Chinese

  • Time Frame: 14 business days

  • Volume: 50,000 words



itlocal regularly completes medical and healthcare translations projects for the life sciences industry.

Our company was commissioned to translate 50,000 words in three batches, along with DTP services. The project involved the translation of study consent forms, as well as patents and letters of authorization for the respective medical studies.

As our client had time constraints, our company decided to assign to this project two specialized translators and one reviewer, all Chinese natives with medical studies, who worked to finalize the batches in under 15 working days through a coordinated team effort.

We also created glossaries and Translation Memories in cloud platforms that helped us maintain the consistency and coherence from one batch to the other.

Our company won this project due to our DTP experience, and we handled this step in-house, as well by assigning dedicated medical translators to complete all linguistic work.

The final project was delivered to our client on time and they were fully satisfied with our error-free translation and formatting.

Virtual Staffing Sample


  • Client’s Industry: Translation 

  • Type of Project: Project Management with translation and DTP services

  • Languages involved: various



itlocal has had many long-term collaborations with bigger translation agencies.  

One of those clients entrusted itlocal to carry out the management of a complex multi-batch medical translation project from English into several languages.

We delivered the following services:

Virtual translation and localization staffing – we provided freelancers who worked remotely from our offices as linguists, proofreaders, Project Managers, localization/Desktop Publishing engineers, etc.

  • We offered monthly packages with freelancers or full-time employees that saved up to 80% of our client’s company costs.
    They also benefited  from our experience in selecting the best resources for their needs and our complementary services: Payrolling and Benefits, HR & Training, Time sheet and Schedule Administration.

  • Full-time recruitment and training – we helped our client  recruit translators, Project Managers, engineers, designers etc.

  • Technology and 24/7 Support – since we work with all major CAT tools and Desktop Publishing software, we created customized environments to meet our client’s technological expectations. 

We managed to successfully complete this multi-batch project before the estimated deadline by having the best approach and expertise when it comes to Virtual Staffing. 

We were in charge of Project and Vendor Management, Database Maintenance, Payrolling and Invoicing, DTP, Quality and Completeness Checks.

We also created project-based customized checklists, language conventions and working instructions to meet the client’s requirements in terms of Quality Assurance.

Our client was highly impressed by the speed and quality of our services and customer care, and we established a long-term collaboration for this type of package services.

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