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Managed Services

Are you in search of a translator, a proofreader or do you have an extensive project that requires a team of experts? We know how important it is to have the right people available at the right time and we can help out.

The recruitment process can take a lot of time and finding the right people is crucial. Our team of HR specialists carefully examines your particular needs and, following an attentive selection, spots the best candidates. Our vast experience in the language services industry guarantees the recruitment made by itlocal will meet your requirements.

Remote recruitment can save you time, money and resources, while allowing you to enjoy the perks of collaborating with a new member or a multicultural team.

It is not enough to speak a foreign language in order to be a professional translator; nor is it enough to have good communication skills in order to be a Project Manager. To be able to deliver high quality services, you need a properly trained team.

itlocal’s Training Program consists of in-house created modules, such as:

  • An overview of the translation project steps and processes involved

  • Advanced training on CAT tools

  • Time management & problem solving

  • Familiarization with quality standards

Each specialized training takes into consideration the client’s unique requirements.

Our Translation Recruitment Services are based on a deep understanding of the market requirements and its dynamics. We make sure to provide you with the best candidates, who benefit from our in-house training provided by our specialists.

Video Call with Sign Language
Typing on a Computer

Specialized Software Translators

One of the main challenges in the Localization and Translation processes is adapting software to different languages, while observing regional differences and the technical requirements of a target market.
We offer professional support for your software translation process via our virtual staffing services.

Project Managers

Project Managers are the single-point of contact for the client and are usually  responsible for: resource planning, project scheduling, training, client communication and reporting, change management, verification of deliverables, client satisfaction reports, project archiving.
We can help you
 find the most suitable Project Manager for your translation needs.

itlocal offers Consulting Services and solutions for resource, timeline and management problems by providing access to the most proficient and experienced translation staff in the industry. We can  find  the right person, at the right time and at fair rates.

The professional linguists we collaborate with specialize in:

  • Website translation

  • Software localization

  • In-country QA testing

  • Marketing translation

  • Document translation

itlocal provides full-range HR administration and payroll processing in order to

  • improve the quality, accuracy and timeliness of your projects,

  • increase operational transparency by enhancing reporting capabilities across the company.

These solutions will ensure the improvement of your business conditions, while offering the required support when it comes to organizing your personnel.

We also offer full-range HR administration, archiving of personal files/documents, online employee support and payroll and HR online document management.

Our company is the best place for outsourcing and advisory services related to translations and localization.

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