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Software & Websites

Computer Programming

We can work with many file formats, including executable programs, resource files, and XML-based files. We can translate all product components that contain text, such as resource files, bitmaps and icons. If needed, we can resize your dialog boxes and recompile online help files.

We submit every project to our strict proofreading, technical review, and final testing procedures to ensure that your localized product or website retains the look and functionality of the source language product.

Our software and website translation projects are always submitted to a technical review and final testing:

  • In-country Review and Testing to check language accuracy and functionality; 

  • Linguistic check to verify spelling, consistency of terminology and to make sure the characters display properly; 

  • Cosmetic test to check for overlapping commands, truncated strings, dialog box size and layout, duplicate index entries, or hot keys.

 Digital Gadgets

Software and website localization tools

Our company uses software localization tools to directly handle a large number of software-specific file formats, including executable programs, resource files, and XML-based files. These CAT tools simplify and accelerate the translation of user interfaces and eliminate the need for programming experience on the part of the translators. Text strings can be translated into numerous languages, including Asian languages (Unicode) and Right-To-Left scripts like Hebrew and Arabic.

Translating a website is the best way to reach foreign markets and increase your international sales. In order to establish your business in a new market, you must choose a quality website translation service that observes the cultural and linguistic specificities of your target countries.

The itlocal in-country website translation experts have the necessary experience and technological backup to be able to provide consistent, professional website translation at competitive prices and in most world languages.

Web Design
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