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Education & E-Learning

Online Class

Educational translations require minute attention to detail and a strong command of the target language.

Our professional translators specializing in translating for academia and        e-learning can translate :

  • academic papers;

  • textbooks;

  • e-learning platforms;

  • admittance documents;

  • handbooks;

  • brochures;

  • training materials;

  • school manuals;

  • course catalogs;

  • student orientation instructions;

  • website pages;

  • newsletters and internal communications;

  • surveys;

  • all types of forms.

Our DTP team can work with various file formats and you can always rest assured your target documents will mirror the source files to the last detail.

We also specialize in software localization, so if you want to launch your e-learning platform in foreign countries don’t refrain to ask us for a free quote. Our specialized linguists can provide accurate and culturally specific translations of your e-learning content to ensure maximum reach and impact, and to convey your message consistently.

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