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Software & Websites

We can work with many file formats, including executable programs, resource files, and XML-based files. We can translate all product components that contain text, such as resource files, bitmaps and icons. If needed, we can resize your dialog boxes and recompile online help files.

Playing a Shooting Game

Translation for Gaming

The translators recruited to work on a gaming translation project are usually gamers themselves and have experience in working on long-term gaming translations.
Our gaming translation experts are native, in-country linguists; thus we ensure that local jargon and linguistic specificity are observed and conveyed in the translated text.

Accessible Workspace

Media & Marketing

Translating marketing materials can be very complex, that is why itlocal uses specialist translators for every subject area.
It is not enough to be a professional linguist and field specialist to be able to translate marketing materials – you also need some creativity in order to deliver quality marketing translations. Poor translation of marketing copy may leave a negative brand impression; that is why you must always resort to using professional marketing translation services.

Financial Report

Financial & Legal

Translating a legal document can be a complex process because of the intricate language and the stringent necessity to be accurate and expeditious. We provide high quality legal translation services delivered on time and at very competitive prices.

Our legal translators are carefully recruited and tested: they have over 5 years’ experience in legal translation services and some even work as lawyers in their country. To ensure all of your documents are treated in the strictest of confidence, we can sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

Online Sale


The e-commerce industry witnessed immense growth in recent years. The success of businesses such as Amazon and the sudden increase in online sales has led to the emergence of countless companies that sell their products on the internet.

The main challenge such companies face is entering new markets. Most customers prefer to shop in their native language and the top 10 languages spoken in the world are equivalent to approximately 2.5 billion online users. That’s why choosing the right languages for your e-commerce website can make a difference.

Taking Picture of Church

Travel & Tourism

The travel industry has boomed in the past couple of decades and it keeps offering considerable development opportunities. From international travel companies to small boutique hotels, all players in the tourism industry have always depended on translation.

While there are countless apps that help tourists get by when searching for accommodation, transport etc., when it comes to a company translating its advertising campaign or localizing its brand, it’s best to choose a professional language service provider.

Car Lot

Technical & Automotive

You can count on us to always have an available team of technical and engineering translators ready to help with your translation projects for this sector.

Our technical translation team includes electrical and electronic engineers, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, scientists, physicists, chemists and chemical engineers, as well as automotive industry specialists.

Medical Staff

Medical & Life Sciences

Medical translation is one of our specialties. Customers in the Pharmaceutical, Medical and Healthcare industries have come to rely on our team of medical translators for the most complex medical translations.

Our medical translation experts have over five years’ experience in the medical, pharmaceutical and life science field, and most of them are qualified to an MsC, PhD or MD level.

Job interview

HR & Corporate

Human resource departments in any organization are as good as the quality of the communications they send out. Furthermore, it’s been proven that employee engagement and adoption depends to a great extent on the internal communications being in their native language.

Whether you’re an international company with offices in different parts of the world, or you simply collaborate with outsourced resources, you must rely on translation to get your message across and to communicate clearly and effectively.

Online Education

Education & E-Learning

Educational translations require minute attention to detail and a strong command of the target language.

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