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Human resource departments in any organization are as good as the quality of the communications they send out. Furthermore, it’s been proven that employee engagement and adoption depends to a great extent on the internal communications being in their native language.

Whether you’re an international company with offices in different parts of the world, or you simply collaborate with outsourced resources, you must rely on translation to get your message across and to communicate clearly and effectively.

itlocal has a team of translation experts who are well-acquainted with the field of human resources in terms of terminology, concepts and development. We understand the importance of native translation professionals and only work with in-country translators to be able to provide authentic human resource translations.


We carry out corporate and human resource translations on a regular basis:

  • Training manuals;

  • Employee handbooks;

  • HR policies and forms;

  • Safety documentation;

  • Internal newsletters;

  • Employment applications;

  • Employee reviews and feedback;

  • Internal policies;

  • Contracts;

  • Surveys;

  • User Interface customization;

  • Ethics and compliance materials.

Client and contractor

Virtual Staffing Sample


  • Client’s Industry: Translation 

  • Type of Project: Project Management with translation and DTP services

  • Languages involved: various



itlocal has had many long-term collaborations with bigger translation agencies.  

One of those clients entrusted itlocal to carry out the management of a complex multi-batch medical translation project from English into several languages.

We delivered the following services:

Virtual translation and localization staffing – we provided freelancers who worked remotely from our offices as linguists, proofreaders, Project Managers, localization/Desktop Publishing engineers, etc.

  • We offered monthly packages with freelancers or full-time employees that saved up to 80% of our client’s company costs.
    They also benefited from our experience in selecting the best resources for their needs and our complementary services: Payrolling and Benefits, HR & Training, Time sheet and Schedule Administration.

  • Full-time recruitment and training – we helped our client  recruit translators, Project Managers, engineers, designers etc.

  • Technology and 24/7 Support – since we work with all major CAT tools and Desktop Publishing software, we created customized environments to meet our client’s technological expectations. 

We managed to successfully complete this multi-batch project before the estimated deadline by having the best approach and expertise when it comes to Virtual Staffing. 

We were in charge of Project and Vendor Management, Database Maintenance, Payrolling and Invoicing, DTP, Quality and Completeness Checks.

We also created project-based customized checklists, language conventions and working instructions to meet the  client’s requirements in terms of Quality Assurance.

Our client was highly impressed by the speed and quality of our services and customer care, and we established a long-term collaboration for this type of package services.

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