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Gaming & Mobile Apps

Game Online


The  translators recruited to work on a gaming translation project are usually gamers and have experience in working on long-term gaming translations.
Our gaming translation experts are native, in-country linguists; thus we ensure that local jargon and linguistic specificity are observed and conveyed in the translated text. 

The linguistic Quality Assurance testing of the gaming translations is paramount as the immersiveness of the game needs to be preserved over multiple languages. 

After translation, editing and proofreading, the text is checked to make sure it displays correctly on various screen resolutions and whether it meets all the client and interface requirements. We also use bug tracking systems such as Jira to fix any errors in the program and explain it to the developers. 

Video Game Developers


itlocal has vast experience in translating and localizing various apps for international software companies.
We localize UI, code, translate your app metadata (titles, descriptions, keywords, images and videos), and perform full linguistic tests to ensure there are no layout and contextual issues or incorrect line breaks.

Our Gaming and Mobile Apps Translation Services usually involve:

  • Manuals

  • Packaging

  • Websites

  • Subtitles

  • Readme files

  • User Interface (UI)

  • Graphic art containing words

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