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Client Oriented

Law Consultation

Our goals are: highest quality, competitive pricing and on-time delivery, from professional translation services to localization, terminology management and web design.

If you entrust us with your translation project, we’ll take the following steps:

  • We develop a detailed proposal that defines project requirements and the associated costs and submit this proposal to you for review. Should the scope of the project change, we submit a revised proposal for your review and approval before proceeding with any additional work and/or incurring any additional cost. This ensures that you will never be surprised by budget overruns.

  • We ensure that we have the necessary technical capability and the best human resources to meet all your requirements. We define milestones and develop a project schedule that meets your specified deadline. To this end, we’ll keep you informed of our progress through the entire process.

  • We assign a dedicated Project Manager to define, document and communicate project specifications and goals to the project team, and to serve as a single point-of-contact and accountability on all project-related matters.

  • Every project goes through a thorough quality review and we make sure that all the client’s requirements are met. We especially investigate the cause of any discrepancy and make the necessary adjustments to our process to prevent further occurrences.

Business Meeting

itlocal delivers professional services customized for your translation needs.

  • Project launch / Proposal / Quote

  • File preparation / Localization kit preparation

  • Translation / Editing / Proofreading

  • Bilingual Quality Assurance verification

  • Client review

  • File cleaning and reconstruction

  • Update and maintenance of the Translation Memories

  • Desktop Publishing and Quality Control

  • Final maintenance / Delivery / Post-delivery maintenance

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