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Technical & Automotive

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Technical & Automotive

You can count on us to always have an available team of technical and engineering translators ready to help with your translation projects for this sector. 

Our technical translation team includes electrical and electronic engineers, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, scientists, physicists, chemists and chemical engineers, as well as automotive industry specialists.

We have translated projects for engineering, construction, transport, energy, robotics, automotive and defense.

Fixing a Computer

We regularly provide technical translation services for:

  • Electrical and electronic systems and products;

  • Manufacturing plants and processes;

  • Chemical products, chemical safety and material safety data sheet (MSDS);

  • Mechanical systems, engines, hydraulics;

  • Power systems, high voltage systems;

  • Civil engineering;

  • Hydro engineering;

  • Energy production, petroleum plants;

  • Automotive sector;

  • Maritime sector.


In the past decades, companies in the engineering sector have gone through  an unprecedented global expansion. This brings along a complex set of challenges, from safety regulations to operating procedures.
In a constantly changing regulatory environment, absolute attention is a must as a poor translation can lead to major issues such as system failures, damaged equipment, and fatal accidents.

Drive-in Theater

Some of the technical documents we translate on a regular basis:

  • Engineering specifications;

  • AutoCAD files;

  • Installation and safety manuals;

  • Material safety data sheets (MSDS);

  • Operating manuals;

  • Patents and labels;

  • RFP responses;

  • Software and hardware user interfaces (UI);

  • Training materials;

  • Technical proposals;

  • User guides;

  • Field studies;

  • Blueprints/drawings;

  • Automobile manuals;

  • Service manuals;

  • Training manual;

  • Product packaging;

  • Marketing and promotional;

  • Catalog;

  • Websites.


Technical Project Sample


  • Client’s Industry: Maritime and transport 

  • Type of Product: Post-evaluation studies, Tender books, Environmental permits

  • Type of Project: Translation and DTP services

  • Languages involved: English into Romanian and French

  • Time Frame: 7 business days



Our company recently completed the translation of post-evaluation studies, tender books and environmental permits for one of the leading maritime companies in the Netherlands. Our client required technical translations  ahead of an auction where they were looking to win new contracts.

We took on the project that included the technical translation of around 6000 words, from English to Romanian and French, along with DTP formatting of the final document and proofreading of all completed materials.

In order to meet our client’s deadline – 7 business days – itlocal assigned a team of translators with expertise in technical and environment studies and manuals. Additionally, a Quality Assurance specialist, a proofreader, a dedicated Project Manager and  our DTP department ensured the target files were flawless and on time.

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Automotive Project Sample


  • Client’s Industry: Automotive

  • Type of Product: Operating manuals for airport towing tractors and complementary materials

  • Type of Project: Automotive translations with DTP services

  • Languages involved: English into Polish and Hungarian

  • Time Frame: 20 business days



One of our many automotive industry clients is a top producer of ground support equipment who contacted us for a large volume translation project – around 30,000 words – including manuals and marketing materials. 

We assembled  a team of automotive translations experts to manage the translation, review and quality assurance process. We recruited translators and editors with specific technical expertise and the necessary creative abilities to deliver a professionally localized target file, suitable for the client’s target countries.

Constant communication was essential for this project, as the client requested samples to be submitted periodically for 3rd party reviews. Constant updates were made in order to ensure the target file is consistent with the client’s expectations.

The client made sure to send us the files compatible with Trados and our translation memory tools, which allowed us to speed up the translation process.  

The project delivery was a success and the client appreciated our thoroughness and transparent communication style.

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