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Why do you need Virtual Staffing

Updated: Jan 23

In today’s economy, companies in the translation industry are under great pressure to stay competitive on the market. Our Virtual Staffing program allows our clients to shift their focus from day-to-day activities and project management to their international expansion and operations goals.

We work with your budget to find the best resources required for your translation projects and we will always focus on quality. We offer flexibility on both European and US time-zones, low translation costs and an efficient production process (various human resources, 24/7 communication, access to our translators database, etc.).

We offer regular and on-going services:

  • Project Management for your approved translation orders, using our translators and editors (and possibly yours, depending on the circumstances);

    • We are going to grant you access to our database of vetted linguists;

    • We will dedicate two Project Managers from ITLOCAL for 24/7 support and communication;

    • We will get familiar with your ERP Platforms and install on our PCs the CAT tools required by your needs;

  • General Quality Assurance and/or technical processes which you may be unfamiliar with and/or QA imposed through your quality policies (reporting, QA reports, etc.);

  • Translation Memory/IT processes to help improve the efficiency of your operations;

  • We’ll carry out “background work”, for example translation memory data base management, language alignment work, language engineering, maintenance, etc.


When you sign an agreement for virtual staffing services with us:

  • We’ll sign a complete mutual Non-Disclosure agreement;

  • We can start the collaboration on a trial basis and then review the progress, but we aim to achieve long-term business collaborations;

  • We’ll offer reduced pricing for translations in any other pairs that are not part of the deal;

  • Reduced pricing for Desktop Publishing/Proofreading/Final Review/Completeness Checks and for other services;

  • We usually require a paid retainer (we propose a monthly compensation schedule) or, if you prefer, we could also agree on an hourly rate.

So contact us today to find out ore about Virtual Staffing and Outsourcing services.

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