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Catering to a Global Marketplace: Multilingual Content Creation

Updated: Jan 23

Current global conditions have only accelerated recent trends in regard to customer habits and the overall tendencies that have seen e-commerce thrive on an increasingly global scale. To survive in such a rapidly changing landscape, businesses need to adapt and overcome language and cultural barriers in order to cater to the needs and demands of an ever-increasing market of consumers from around the world. A strong online presence has become extremely vital to every business, whether they are selling products or promoting services, and translation services should always be part of the deal.

But is simply translating your website in a set number of languages enough?

Content and language

Content creation is essential to every marketing strategy. From small businesses to large corporations, reaching out to the consumer over the internet and retaining their attention whilst promoting and offering information about your products or services is a keystone to growth, expansion and success. A healthy presence on all media channels engenders a close relationship between you and the customers, and each step towards diversifying the languages in which content is provided opens up a new and fruitful market.


An often-held assumption in this regard is that translation services are the be all end all of multilingual marketing. Though the recent widespread adoption of such services has made them the most common, they are merely one of many available and perhaps the least optimal solution to connect with foreign customers. There is more to reaching out into a foreign market than making your site readable in their language.

Multilingual content creation

Translation offers access. But without a comprehensive multilingual content marketing strategy, the local customer may ultimately feel alienated by a constant assault of international brands vying to steal a share of the market. A thoroughly thought-out strategy will consider deeper aspects of culture, local color and specific sensibilities in order to provide content that speaks to the local audience specifically. Having the correct team to handle this for you is key, and keeping up with the trends and needs fit to your public is essential for the success of your business.

Here are a couple of the finer aspects that multilingual content creation takes into consideration:

Staying on brand:

The wide variety of cultural norms and idiosyncrasies present in every market across the world may drive businesses to attempt to change in order to cater to each and every one of them, but that might not be the best strategy, as straying too far from the core message might dilute what the business stands for. A coherent and healthy middle ground must be reached in this regard, adopting some local color without losing the essence on which the brand is built.


Localizing your message:

Working with translators who are native speakers and understand the cultural demands of the market will allow you to provide content that feels as if it was written for the local consumer. Far more effective than simple translation, localizing and creating new content for a specific market will bring the consumer closer to the product or service provided.

Adapting strategies:

Different approaches work for different markets. A skilled team of native speakers will adapt their content marketing strategy to fit both the core message of the brand and the user behavior, preferences and cultural sensibilities of the public, thus breaching a cultural gap that would have been impossible with the simple translation of a website.

Conclusion: what can we do for you?

In the global market, making your online presence available in more than one language has become a necessity. To stay ahead of the curve, however, deeper, more complex strategies must be considered, and this includes a comprehensive multilingual content creation strategy, that accurately communicates the core message whilst adapting and localizing copy in order to seamlessly fit with the local market and consumer demands.

In this sense, our team offers you personalized services for creative writing and marketing copy, having the right people with the right experience for your needs. With previous experience in marketing done for other clients, we are confident that our skill will benefit you and have the right impact upon your public.

In simpler words, you need to apply empathy-based marketing, and think and FEEL like the customer. You want to BE that customer that uses your services and looks for you when they need what you offer. And you must know the importance of empathizing with the company you work with for YOUR own needs. You have to move away from the classic, marketing-centric way of thought to a more consumer-centric one and understand their motivations and perspective. And the best way to do that is speak their language.

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