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Why consider Virtual Staffing and Outsourcing

Updated: Jan 23

Think about the times when, although you had tens of options in your database, you couldn’t find one translator who suited the needs and budget for that particular project. The times when you realized you need to catch up on vendor management or when it was obvious you need an extra pair of eyes for that final Qality Control check because other tasks were piling up. In short, the moments when the available resources, capabilities and know-how were simply not enough, and you felt your company could do with more resources.

itlocal brings you the ultimate solution to such problems: our virtual staffing and outsourcing service. We can provide you with one or more of our in-house resources who will work for your company from our Bucharest office. These resources can cover different positions: Project Manager, translator/editor, Vendor Manager, engineers for graphics/DTP tasks, and CAT tool developers.

When choosing our virtual staffing program, you gain more than just one remote employee; you receive a whole package of complementary benefits, industry know-how and perks that will increase the speed of your internal operations and allow you to focus on your company’s growth.


Here are some of the benefits:

  • Dedicated resource + other in-house resources (according to chosen plan) from our ISO 9001 and 17100 certified LSP with a decade of experience in the industry

  • Access to our rich resource database

  • Global reach across multiple time zones

  • Complete transparency

  • Auxiliary services: translation memory data base management, language alignment work, language engineering, maintenance, etc.

  • Lower translation cost and the highest quality

  • Back-up services and the experience of a whole team of professionals

What we offer:

  • Experienced dedicated Project Managers to manage your translation projects, vetted translators and editors, skillful Vendor Managers, talented DTP specialists or tool developers

  • We can work with your ERP Platforms and use the CAT tools required by your specific projects

  • Enrich your resource pool with linguists selected from our database of over 300+ vetted professional translators


How does it work?

  • Get to know us – we value human interaction and relationships, and for that reason we want to ensure compatibility between our companies.

  • Test our in-house capabilities through sample projects.

  • Choose a plan and establish a probation period – 1 / 3 / 6 months.

  • Establish the house rules you want us to follow and draft the contract.

  • Schedule weekly calls / skype meetings – maintaining a close communication is essential for us.

  • Start working together and enjoy your new “employee”.

Why choose us?

  • Better value compared to hiring a local resource: instead of just one employee, you will receive a dedicated resource backed with the knowledge of an entire team, as well as additional benefits that can only be offered by a professional agency.

  • We are excellent communicators; you won’t even realize we don’t work in the same office.

  • We fully recognize the crucial importance of confidentiality and the safety of your documents. Strict procedures and guidelines are followed in order to safeguard your documentation and intel throughout the entire process.

  • 24h availability.

  • We have vast are experience in all major fields: from creative transcreations for media giants to the most meticulous medical projects carried out for the biggest names in the business.

  • Again, costs: seriously, we cannot stress this enough. There is a reason why people choose Romania for their staffing needs. Here’s an article which explains why working with Romanian linguists is an excellent idea.

  • It’s more than just outsourcing – it’s a resource sharing experience which will promote knowledge sharing and simultaneous growth.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start talking business! Don’t hesitate to check in with us to find out more about our experience.

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